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Composer Sues BMI in Multi-Million Dollar Case

Alexander C. Baker seeks to vindicate important rights for all songwriters and publishers

At its heart this is a very simple case: Defendant is legally obligated to pay Plaintiff royalties, and has stopped doing so without justification.

Plaintiff Alexander C. Baker (“Baker”) is a music composer and producer who has earned upwards of $1 million in performance royalties for the use of his music on TV shows over the last two decades. Plaintiff Adam Bravery LLC is a multi-member Limited Liability Company formed by Baker and two other partners in 2018 for the purpose of producing and commercially exploiting a music-driven animated motion picture.

Defendant Broadcast Music Inc., (“BMI”) is a Performing Rights Organization that collects and distributes performance royalty money to its writer and publisher members, such as Baker. Defendant Erika Stallings is an in-house counsel for BMI, and is believed to be the person directly responsible for fabricating a false pretext on which to withhold royalties from Plaintiffs, and for making the decision to actually withhold royalty payment.

On advice of his tax preparer, and with BMI’s knowledge and consent, in 2018 Baker assigned his BMI royalties to pay into Adam Bravery LLC, and began working as