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It's Official: Litigation Is Now Domestic Violence

California's New "AB 2391" - the "Alex Baker Act"

California Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham, author of AB 2391.

As reported by KSBY Local News, effective January 2023, California has now passed “AB 2391,” officially connecting supposed domestic violence with supposed vexatious litigation. While “AB” stands for “Assembly Bill,” this new law truly ought become known as the “Alex Baker Act.”

I was the first person in history to have a DV restraining order against me for my litigation conduct, “irrespective of whether the litigation has merit or not,” because “all that matters is the [emotional] effect that [the litigation] has on [ex wife / business partner Clair Marlo]".

This new law authorizes a Judge to deem you a Vex Lit, and toss out your case, or deny your motion, if:

…while [a DVPA Family Law] restraining order is still in place, they commence, prosecute, or maintain litigation against the person protected by the restraining order that is determined to be meritless and causes the person protected by the order to be harassed or intimidated.
- AB 2391, to be added at Cal. Code Civ. Pro. § 391 (5)

Clair’s DVRO against me was the model test case for the new law, which new law doesn’t even pretend to be anything besides what it is – totalitarianism. First, remember that they can issue a DVRO for “any conduct that destroys the mental or emotional calm” of the other person. This can mean literally anything.

Then, once the DVRO is in place, the “restrained person” loses the ability to litigate against the “protected person,” including litigating the family law case itself. That’s exactly what T.H.E.Y. did to me, which is why I say my case was the test case. Clair’s DVRO was not to protect her from “violence,” it was to protect her from being sued.

Level One Corruption

AB 2391 is another in a long list of bullshit laws, the sum of which bullshit laws are what I term "Level One Corruption." Level One Corruption refers to the fact that the “law” can be constructed in such a way as to allow the judges and attorneys to follow all the rules, yet achieve what any ordinary person would consider to be an immoral, unfair and unjust outcome. Let’s not forget that the people operating the court system are the same people who make up the rules, i.e. government people.

Where the laws themselves are corrupt, unspeakable evil is perfectly legal
- Alexander C. Baker, J.D.


This post is excerpted from my upcoming e-book / audio book "Railroading, Stonewalling and Gaslighting." If you know of a bullshit law that was invoked to deprive you or someone you love of justice, feel free to email me about it – Put “bullshit law” in the subject line. It can be a statute, or a rule, or a case law holding. We can discuss it on a future podcast.

2 comentários

Mark Fidelman
Mark Fidelman
21 de nov. de 2022

Alex, so if it wasn’t a law back when you got it, then should you move to vacate it now?

Alex Baker
Alex Baker
21 de nov. de 2022
Respondendo a

Of course I could file a Motion, which would be denied. And my Motion would be considered a violation of the DVRO. Just because it wasn't a statute doesn't mean it wasn't the law. The "law" is whatever the judge says. It's really that simple and that brutal.

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