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Bestselling Author Monica Deller Seeks Your Story About CPS and Human Trafficking

This from Amazon bestselling author Monica Deller ("Trauma to Triumph"), now working on her next book "Hear Their Cries", about CPS and Human Trafficking. She is seeking contributors willing to share their stories, deadline April 15, 2020. Monica can be contacted at:

******AS OF TODAY, NOBODY HAS SUBMITTED THEIR STORY. THE DEADLINE IS APPROACHING AND IF YOU WANT THE CHACE TO BE PUBLISHED, NON-EDITED AND FULLY EXPRESSED IN YOUR OWN WORDS; I URGE YOU TO SUBMIT YOUR STORY. We have come together on this platform because we have common life stories, involving corruption in the justice system. We are all home at the moment, let's put our time to good use. Let's come together in as many places as possible, Monica Deller is already a published author. She had already been publicly recognized, she has made a name for herself in the community. Our community! How wonderful would it feel to see your personal story in an actual world-wide circulated, published, book? You will be verified, it will no longer be, just you alone dealing with it, others will learn from it, and you may even learn something that you may have missed as you write. I know, from experience, writting my story has been very hard, going over past files. It's not an easy task to get through. I am having an extremely difficult time putting my words to paper, yet AGAIN. But the end result is beautiful. One day you can show your children what you accomplished in your anguish. Something good will come out of something bad. This "down time" is needed for many, so is this book. Ms. Deller can not release the book without our stories. I wish you all the best in your writings, it will be a test for most. You can pass this one cuz you know all the answers. The end result is to feel accomplished, in so many ways. You can write as much or as little as you like. Please don't hesitate to put your thoughts on paper and submit your story so the world can learn from your experience. You will be so happy that you did.

*Andrea Apple*


Do you want to tell your story?

Has your life been interrupted by something totally out of your control?

Oftentimes once on this journey, it has been hard to get back to that place before the nightmare started. Have you or a family member been involved or is involved with CPS or human trafficking?

Sometimes the very system set up to protect is the very system that becomes the abuser. The very people hired in these positions are themselves broken people hired to work in a broken system; and then you factor in the greed for the dollar and the child then becomes a valuable commodity and children are stolen and families broken and the heartbreaking story for them begins.

What is behind the need for children to be stolen? That is exactly what it is when a family’s life is disrupted because their (child)ren have been forcefully taken. In the cases I have been

involved with, the parents, grandparents and guardians of these precious children that have

been taken, stolen or kidnapped are thrown into a corrupt system where those in power are

motivated by greed and not justice.

Who are the people behind the scenes that drive this heartbreaking, life changing tragedy? The millions of men and women in America who buy sex from children. Those who have been exploited by the sex industry know that these men and even women represent every walk of life, every age, every ethnicity, every social economic class. Judges, mailmen, truck drivers, firemen, janitors, artists, clergy, cops, drug dealers, teachers., counselors and coaches.

Handsome and unattractive, rich and poor, married, single and widowed. Fathers, husbands,

Mothers, wives’ sons, daughters, brothers, uncles, aunts and neighbors, which has developed into a multibillion-dollar industry.

What can we do about this atrocity? We fight back by educating the public, by telling our

stories. It makes it more personal and touches hearts that drives action on the readers part.

Singularly we might not be able to do a lot, but collectively we become a force to be listened to, reckoned with, and change can start to happen.

My prayer lately has been: Lord, bring to the light what is hidden in the dark…. will you join me in this prayer because when we join our voices, we can change the atmosphere and things begin to happen.

I’m writing a book, entitled Hear Their Cry. I’m offering a chapter to each of you who want to

tell your story. I’m not editing your story, it’s your story to tell.

I need the stories submitted to me by April 15 th , 2020

- Monica Deller


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