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Ask Alex 031 - Support the May 19, 2021 Family Court Protest at Santa Clara

At the very end, Mark announces:

What: Court Protest and Media Event

When: Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Time: 11 AM Pacific

Where: Santa Clara Courthouse

Address: 191 N 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113

* * *

We are living through a totalitarian takeover of planet earth. The rulers are accomplishing what Stalin, and Mao, and Hitler only dreamed of, total control and unquestioning obedience. But I have good news and even better news.

Hello world, I'm Alex Baker, your legal expert. Still held hostage on Planet Family Court, but learning to laugh at the oppressors. Welcome to Ask Alex number thirty one. And this will be the very last episode of Ask Alex for now. It is official, I have been given an opportunity to create and host a new talk radio show, and I'm going for it.

Call it Socialism, call it Communism, call it Fascism, call it Nazism, call it Collectivism, Call it slavery. Call it what you want. They are in the end game of taking control of everything that matters. The court corruption that we witness on a daily basis is just one symptom.

Corruption has been a part of it since the beginning, but now they are not bothering to hide it. It's in your face. Like the bully on the schoolyard shoving you around and saying:

"Whaddya gonna do about it punk?"

They've gone too far, and we are doing something about it. I said there is good news and even better news. The good news is that by telling these true stories, the corruption is being exposed. Regular people, even your friends who never understood before, because it hasn't happened to them, even they are starting to get it. It's like flipping on the light switch and watching the cockroaches scurry.

Google St. Louis Guardian Ad Litem and Megan Fox stories. It's funny. It's also very sad and disgusting and cruel. But it's no longer scary. We're not afraid of them any more. That's because there are more of us than there are of them. Way more. Way way WAY more. And we are coming together.

We all have our individual stories of how this corrupt court system destroyed our family, or stole our money. But in the end, we all have one story. It is the story of how we all came to understand the Big Lie. Government, and its Court system is a scam.

And that leads me to the great news. The great news is that the whole scam, the litigation racket, the war racket, the banking racket, the medical racket, all of it, ALL OF IT depends entirely on your belief. For any of this government control to work, you have to believe that they have rightful authority over you. And guess what? They don't. They never did.

Nobody ever had the right to dominate and control you the way they are doing. And all we have to do to make it disappear is to stop believing in it. True, it's going to take millions of people to stop believing. But that IS happening. It's happening because we are telling our stories.

I'm very proud to be partnering with the Family Court Anti Corruption Coalition to take this conversation to whole new level on talk radio. And to celebrate this new journey, today we're giving away merchandise with the Family Court Anti Corruption Coalition logo on it. You heard that right. Just for showing up today, you can pick out something nice to help promote the cause. They have art prints, posters, stuff you can hang on your wall, also coffee mugs, I believe t-shirts. So Welcome everybody. What's on your mind?


May 19, 2021

Congratulations Alex!! We are beginning to be heard through your efforts, and Family Court Anti-Corruption Coalition! I wish much success with what we are trying to achieve. #TheRighToDueProcess. Thank you for all that you are doing for this cause! May our quests be fruitful!


Wow this is fantastic news Alex and Congratulations! The odds of people thinking I’m crazy because of my story - the real conspiracy is what we have been led to believe. So thankful for all the fellow Truth Tellers our there !


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