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ASCAP & BMI Are Frauds

UPDATE: I drafted the below letter in my role as an independent litigation paralegal. At this writing, February 16, 2022, it has not yet been reviewed or approved by the attorney. As always, my paralegal work must be reviewed and, if necessary, revised prior to filing. I accidentally posted the version with the attorney's name on it. I apologize for the error, which has now been corrected.

Seriously, time to expose the scam of the so-called Performing Rights Societies. Here is a Letter to Judge Furman in the Southern District of New York. It gives a very brief overview of the case.

For anybody who might be thinking they would like to see Facebook or Google prosecuted for Anti-Trust, please think again. ASCAP and BMI were prosecuted for Anti-Trust back in 1941. They are since subject to "Consent Decrees" which is code for "they are a top secret de-facto government scam taxing agency above and beyond all law or accountability.


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