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Judge Shirley K. Watkins has conducted a secret, unnoticed ex parte stealth proceeding to illegally transfer a civil case to family law. She has intentionally misrepresented the text of a California Statute so as to make an innocent person appear to be in violation. She has caused the court docket to be altered - removing names of other judges who previously made suspicious rulings; removing the name of a defense attorney with ties to organized crime; and removing the name of a plaintiff attorney who was murdered in the middle of the case. When challenged about the alterations to the docket, Judge Watkins forged the record even further, by falsely claiming that those names had not been removed, when provably they have so. This is racketeering activity, and there is no place for it in a civilized society.

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Shirley K. Watkins


August 2019



Case No.:





6230 Sylmar Ave.

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Shirley K. Watkins

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