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A reality-style “Court Show” with a social media twist

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Like "Judge Judy", and like the original "People's Court" TV show that started it all, our guests have agreed to dismiss their court case and resolve their dispute in our forum - The Court of Public Opinion.

The twist - our viewing audience gets to act as jury by chatting and voting through social media! 

COPO is first and foremost an educational program. We will learn important legal concepts, and get a working knowledge of the often confusing things that happen in real-life court cases.

Presiding is our very own “Master of Ceremonies” Mark Andrews. With his authoritative baritone voice, Mark will set the tone and make sure things don't get out of control. But remember, he's only here to ensure a fair proceeding.  We let the jury (our audience) decide the case by voting on social media

Court of Public Opinion is © ™ 2020 Post Modern Justice Media Project. All IP rights reserved.

Get resolution to your dispute have fun doing it!
We'd love to start producing Court Of Public Opinion in January 2021.
We can't do it without your support.
Please consider making a donation.

Questions? contact Alex Baker

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