Imagine you could put your former judge on the witness stand and ask just one question…


What might that be?


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A reality-style “Court Show” with a twist


social media interactivity

Using transcripts from real-life court cases plus the magic of chroma key cinema, in each episode our “Guest Reporter” gets to put on a “mock-trial” of their former real-life Judge! Don’t worry, Guest Reporters get to ask a lot more than one question ;-) It's a full cross-examination.


Presiding is our very own “Master of Ceremonies”, and pretending to represent the Judge in question is our very own court-appointed “Public Pretender”.


Have a fair trial and let the jury (our audience) decide - by voting on social media


COPO is first and foremost an educational program. We will learn important legal concepts, and get a working knowledge of the dirty tricks that happen in real-life court cases.

Our Guest Reporter finally gets some closure, and the judge finally has to answer.


COPO will strive to achieve a high level of entertainment value by first honing each story down to its essential character-conflict elements. Family Court proceedings tend to be salacious of course. But inevitably we come to the part where the Judge made some ridiculous, irrational, insane order of some kind and now has to rationalize it. After that, all of the Public Pretender’s lengthy efforts to justify or explain the reasoning will strike anyone with a dark, cynical sense of humor as hilariously funny!

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