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Railroading, Stonewalling & Gaslighting (Chaos, Corruption & Crime in the California Kangaroo Courts)


This is the long-awaited e-book by Alexander C. Baker, J.D. Over 400 pages, this work chronicles Alex's litigation experiences - in his own thorughly corrupt Family Law and Civil Litigaiton, plus numerous other equally corrupt Federal and State cases in which he has drafted law briefs. 


Included are links to over 100 COURT DOCUMENTS supporting Alex's conclusion that the court system is a criminal extortion racket. See what wins, what loses.


The e-Book also includes links to many of Alex's professional PLEADING TEMPLATES.  Whether you want to use this as a DIY "how to" book for destroying your ex, or simply want to feel validated in your own legal nightmare, it's in here.


Learn all the DIRTY LAWYER TRICKS, then...


• derail them when brought against you, or

• use them yourself


And, as a special, the e-Book will publish, for the first time, the SECRET POEM written by assassinated civil rights attorney (and Alex's close friend) Marc Angelucci. Marc swore Alex to secrecy, but also made him promise that "if anything were to happen to me, tell everyone I wrote it, and I meant it." Spolier alert - it's about COURT CORRUPTION.


The e-Book will be released March 1, 2023.


Regular price will be $100 tax-deductible donation. This book is a fundraiser, and helps continue the fight against a legal system gone beyond mad and into PURE EVIL.


For a donation of $500, receive the e-Book, all documents AND 10 hours of Alex's professional legal services (a $2,000 value).


Pre-Order Now for  half-price - only $50 !


Alex says:


"I've experienced all this so (hopefully) you don't have to."



Pre Order: Railroading, Stonewalling & Gaslighting - e-book

$100.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
  • • Winning Appeal Briefs

    • Losing Appeal Briefs

    •  Successful Motion to Disqualify Judge

    • Domestic Violence Restraining Order

    • Federal Civil Rights Complaint (§ 1983 - Judicial Deception Theory)

    • Assassin Therapist Declaration (wins immediate child custody)

    • Petitions for Writ of Mandamus

    • Petition for Review to California Supreme Court

    • Petition for Writ of Certiorari to U.S. Supreme Court

  • • California § 170.1 Motion to Disqualify Judge

    • Civil Rights Complaint - Monell Claim

    • Civil Rights Complaint - Due Process

    • Anti-SLAPP Motion

    • Petition for Writ of Mandamus

    • Appellate Opening Brief

    • Appellate Reply Brief

    • California Supreme Court Petition for Review

    • U.S. Supreme Court Petiton for Writ of Ceriorari

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