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In one sense I am extremely pessimistic about our future. Nothing could be more obvious than that the so-called “founding fathers” never intended for “we the people” to have any rights, nor to be protected by any law whatsoever. The Constitution established a ruling class with unlimited power, limited only by the size of the economy. As technology advanced and the economy grew, so too did the ability of the corporate ruling class to form global alliances with other such governments, to seize all property, to enslave and control all of the rest of “we the hapless subjects.”


For a long, long time, and continuing right to the present, T.H.E.Y. have perpetrated an endless series of false flag operations designed to scare you out of your mind, so that giving up more and more of your natural self-ownership seems like a reasonable alternative to death. JFK, Gulf of Tonkin, the Moon Hoax, AIDS, 9/11, Population, Climate change, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and of course, the Covid scam-demic. All of these (and many more) are false excuses to expand the power and control of the government over every aspect of our lives.


T.H.E.Y. appear to be 99% of the way done implementing global communism. Or call it socialism, fascism, totalitarianism, collectivism, globalism, democracy, technocracy, the new world order, the great reset, or slavery. Call it what you want. A tiny group of corporation and government rulers control the money, the military, and the media. T.H.E.Y. control transportation, communication, and education.


T.H.E.Y. have implemented all of the aspects of communism as envisioned by Karl Marx 170 years ago, including the central bank, public indoctrination, and the abolition of private property. In the words of the W.E.F, you will own nothing and be happy. If you think there is private property in land, perhaps you don’t realize that property tax is rent…renamed. Again, call it what you want.


In academia, T.H.E.Y. have all but destroyed the Enlightenment’s scientific method based on logic and reason and replaced it with the nonsensical gibberish known as “Postmodernism,” in which truth and objective reality do not even exist. Rather, all we have are competing historical narratives among an endlessly expanding list of victim groups.


Postmodernism is Marxism on steroids. This is why I dedicated my organization to exposing judicial postmodernism. It’s frighteningly ironic that our Court system still swears witnesses to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth – a truth which our institutions of higher learning claim not to even exist.   


Of course, the sane people have never bought in to any of this. So governments round the world – including constitutional democracies – have seen fit to murder hundreds of millions of their own slaves, i.e. “citizens” in the last century alone. That is not even counting the death, dismemberment and destruction wrought by their endless wars, which wars are incredibly costly, but which T.H.E.Y. personally find highly profitable.


The most personally painful aspect of this communism is the intentional destruction of the nuclear family. Marx and his descendants realized that the family is the enemy of the state, because an intact, functioning family doesn’t actually need a government. This is the real purpose of the Family Court system – to destroy families and take all the money.


The Court system was brutal when I first got involved professionally in the litigation racket, and it’s only gotten more “in your face” ever since. If you care at all about your own self-ownership, about your rights, that you once thought you had, there is plenty of cause for extreme pessimism.  


However, in another sense, I am optimistic about our future, even more optimistic than I was 15 years ago when I spoke at Jim Fetzer’s 9/11 Scholar's conference in Madison. I closed my talk then by saying something similar to what I’m about to say now.


I am not afraid of whichever individual might aspire to become the next Hitler, or Stalin, or Mao, or Trump, or Biden, or Lincoln, or Pol Pot. Of course these are all psychopathic megalomaniacs, or at best, the puppet stooges of same.


But by themselves, we can handle a psycho. The most prolific private mass-murderers in history killed what? Maybe 30 people or so? Governments have killed at least 1000 times as many innocent people as all the private criminals put together.


And T.H.E.Y. are supposed to be protecting us? Is that what the Court system exists for? Who is protecting us from T.H.E.M.? If I have demonstrated anything today, it is that T.H.E.Y. make up rules so T.H.E.Y. always win. It's like Scooter Ballou taking my lunch money with his game of TEGWAR, on a global scale.


It is not the psychopath that presents a danger. The problem is when millions of basically good people believe that the psychopath is their ruler, and they are obligated to follow his orders, even when their conscience tells them that the orders are wrong.


“Just following orders.” It’s what the Nazis said. It’s what the allied pilots said after fire-bombing Dresden and Hamburg, incinerating hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian men, women and children. It’s what they all say.


No, no, no. It’s not the psychopath that is the problem. It is the belief, your belief in the psychopath’s authority that is the problem. What if the next Stalin issued an order to start murdering all the dissenters, and everybody just ignored him, or laughed at him, knowing that neither he nor anybody else has the right to rule?


That’s what should have happened in 2020 when the governors of all 50 states deemed entire classes of people to be “non-essential” and ordered the businesses to shut down. Tragically, nearly everybody obeyed. Why? Because everybody has been brainwashed to believe that obedience is a virtue. It isn’t.


If you want hope, please focus and hold on to this thought. Are you ready? The government does not exist. The “state” is just a state of mind. There is no such thing as the United States, or California, or the E.U. Geographic places exist, sure, but “government” and “law” and “authority” are just ideas that were planted in your mind. All your life you were taught that obeying authority means you are being “good,” while disobeying means you were “bad.”


This is a terrible thing to teach children and it’s a terrible thing to believe as adults. Children should be taught the difference between right and wrong, and adults should rely on their conscience – not government laws - to guide their choices. Legislators and Judges cannot, by the stroke of a pen, take something morally wrong and make it right, nor can T.H.E.Y. take something right and make it wrong.


Owning slaves was never anybody’s right, even when it was legal. Using marijuana, if you wanted, was always your right, even when it was illegal. Right and wrong do not change. Your rights, starting with your right to self-ownership, are given to you by your creator, and they are unalienable. Once you understand and really embrace this, you will see there is no place for a coercive government. Either you own yourself, or somebody calling themself the government owns you.


The good news… no, the great news is: You can stop believing in the government just like you can stop believing in Santa Claus. You realize it’s a fiction, and poof, it’s gone! The easiest first step is to stop voting. How hard is that? Stay home that day. What if they had an election, and nobody came? What if they had a war and nobody came?


I want to recommend a book that has been very influential on me. It is “The Most Dangerous Superstition” by Larken Rose. While I was a voluntaryist long before I discovered Larken Rose, I think he does the best job of explaining, in simple yet powerful terms, why the belief in government is literally insane. You must hold two completely contradictory thoughts in your head at the same time.


First, people believe we need government because they are afraid of other people. OK, me too. It’s certainly true that there are other people who would initiate force or fraud against you, or me. But then second, the idea of government is to give some people legal permission to initiate force and fraud against you, and me. Everything government does, it does by credible threat of violence against you. Okay?


Let’s see if I have this straight. To stop people from initiating force and fraud against you and me, we allow certain people - calling themselves "government" -  to initiate force and fraud against you and me. This is the insane delusion we have been programmed to accept.


To complete the indoctrination, we are supposed to believe that government is not actually people, but rather it is an imaginary “corporate person” that you can’t see, but who is all-good and all-knowing and who intervenes in the world to protect everyone from everyone else.


We have holy scripture, called a constitution, that speaks in riddles, and can only be interpreted by divine messengers in black robed costumes. If you violate the commands from on high, you will be punished. This is the deeply religious, faith-based belief system that is government.


I don’t mean to insult you, but it is time to grow up and start relying on ourselves to resolve our disputes, not the government Court system. The baby-boomers famously didn’t want to grow up. Gen-X’s really didn’t. And the woke millennials? Don’t get me started. We, all of us, need to shed our childish and irrational belief that a mythical superhuman deity called government will take care of us.


We instead need to take responsibility, and take care of ourselves. Once you understand that government produces nothing on its own, and is completely dependent on us to be productive, a stateless, voluntary society should not be scary at all. By eliminating the most dangerous and insane element of society – the government – we obviously make everyone far safer and saner.


Statelessness does not mean we are isolated. Just the opposite, it is the government that seeks isolate us from each other. Of course we need to join together to accomplish great tasks. Nothing wrong with that.


Whatever we want to do, we can do by forming voluntary associations. If you want to be governed under the terms of a document called a “Constitution,” great, as long as each person has the right to join, or to not join. The proper form of government is a contract that you voluntarily agree to. "Consent of the governed," just as Jefferson wrote in 1776.


And if you wonder what “voluntary” means: Can you tell the difference between lovemaking and rape? Or the difference between giving a gift and being robbed? The only difference is that one is voluntary, and the other is coerced. Voluntaryism is the simple concept that all human interaction should be voluntary.


Everything will be better once we all stop believing that anyone has the right to rule. Government has brought nothing but economic inefficiency and systematized brutality into this world. That was predictable in 1787 with a plain read of the U.S. Constitution, and there is no better evidence for this than the current state of the government Court system, a system where you have no rights, and where there is no law.


Thank you.


-Alexander C. Baker


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