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Writ Filed To Stop Illegal Ambush Trial

$1,000,000 hangs in the balance

In a last ditch effort to avoid being forced to sue criminal judges, PMJMP President Alexander C. Baker, J.D. has just filed a Petition for Writ of Mandate in the California Court of Appeal. The Writ asks the Appeal Court to stay ("pause") the case immediately, and order the Trial Court to re-open discovery, and force Baker's ex-wife Clair Marlo to file a Final Declaration of Disclosure.

The law is crystal clear:

A party has a RIGHT to conduct discovery until 30 days before trial, and a RIGHT to receive a compliant Declaration of Disclosure.

Judge Emily T. Spear had no discretion and no legal authority whatsoever to close discovery or to "waive" Baker's right to receive the disclosure documents. There is $1 million at stake, and as it stands, they are just letting Marlo get away with it. Bribery by Marlo's well-funded and well-connected lawyers is the reasonable explanation.


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