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Gratitude for the Gift of Purpose

Happy Thanksgiving?

I know you probably don't feel so happy, because of what this system has done to you. Sure, it's easy for most people to find gratitude on this day of giving thanks - for family, friends, good food and a warm bed. But what do we have to be thankful for? Most people just don't understand what we've been through.They don't get how we have been robbed of the most important parts of our lives - our children, our houses, our careers. By losing the big things, we lose the little things that give life meaning. Like watching your daughter get a diploma, or teaching your grandson how we bake cookies. It seems they have sucked the joy out of life itself. Like a sunset in black-and-white. Like hearing muffled music from way off in the distance. Like food that has lost all its flavor. Like those two happy kids in the picture above, life is still out there, yes, but just not for you. Not any more. That's how it feels. So what do we have to be thankful for? Purpose. If there is one thing that spiritual and psychological leaders agree on, it is this - finding purpose is what gives life meaning. Trying to do whatever is possible to fight this horrible and corrupt court system is what is giving our lives direction. We can take comfort just knowing there are so many people who are in the same boat. And we can take pride with the awareness we raise. And eventually, we will win this struggle. It's only a matter of bringing enough people on board with a common purpose. Here are some of the projects that we believe will make a difference in 2021 and beyond. Court of Public Opinion - a court show with a twist The Disrobing Room - A database resource on judicial corruption. Ask Alex - A weekly Q & A podcast with me, Alexander C. Baker, J.D., your legal expert. PMJMP Press Release - We are exploring avenues for PMJMP to be able to issue press releases to mainstream and major alternative news sources. Want to write articles? Want to do social media? Want to publicize your case? How can your skills and your energy become your purpose? Please contact us to find out ways you can get involved. Please forward this message to your friends and ask them to join.


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